1. I believe, an incident or an experience, whether it is from your personal life or from your surroundings can be turned into a story. When such a thread which has got a relevant point or message in it, there comes the idea of writing about it. Thus, a story is formed.
2. I started writing at the age of 21. Short stories in Malayalam were my first attempts and turned to English Fiction later.
3. Yes, ‘Best Manager’ is my first book.
4. The book is all about how the protagonists Sree and Veena handles their love relatiinship , and how they react to some social customs.
5. My book is titled ‘Best Manager’. It is an event which usually takes place in college cultural and technical fests. Sree and Veena meets each other for the first time during this event, and it is this event which develops a bonding between them. Hence, the book is titled ‘Best Manager’.
6. My favorite character is theĀ  bold, matured Veena, who is the heroine in this story.
7. To me, it is the feelings that matters rather than the words used. If you can convey the complete feelings in simple words, that will be the best gift that you can give to your readers.
8. My favorite book is ‘Naalukettu’ written by M.T Vasudevan Nair. The character ‘Appu’ is my favorite character. If he comes live in front of me, I would say to him that you are a deadly combination of dreamer and doer, and I haven’t seen such a calm, beautiful, revenge mode even in films.
9. No. I don’t choose time to write. I believe time chooses me to write. Anytime a thread could be flashed in your head, and I develop it whenever I get some calm and peaceful time.
10. Experiences, situations, I always try to inspire from them.
11. I consider the state of planning or fixing my next aim, after the completion of one as my biggest accomplishment.
12. I never plan life. I always take life as it comes. My policy is, do what you like, find time for what you like, develop on what you like, and results will follow. Let those results take you higher.
13. Now, I am working in a private firm, and the next priority goes to agriculture.
14. Being a very normal man, good reviews about my writing will increase my confidence, boost up my interest towards writing and my next work. Bad reviews will make me think overnight, how the negatives can be rectified. As simple as that!
15. I dont know.. Seriously!
16. ‘Appu’ from ‘Naalukettu’ written by MT Vasudevan Nair
17. MT Vasudevan Nair.
Reason: He conveys powerful messages very effectively through simple words. Interesting presentation style
18. The monk who sold his Ferrari, Naalukettu, Eleven minutes.
19. I would try to write on any subjects which I am comfortable with, and is demanded by story thread. I dont think a writer can avoid a subject for ever.
20. To me, its not the genre matters, but the story, its presentation, the message it gives to the reader etc matters. In my case, there is no favorite genre, but any work which meets the above categories are my favorites.
21. I haven’t tried writing many genres. May be I can answer rhis question later. God willing.
22. By God’s grace, yes. I am working on a family based story. May be an inspring one.
23. Writing is, and should be a time consuming work. Patience and passion is the key. Develop your own style, meters and always be sure that This Is It.