1.How does an idea for a story come to you?

Sometimes you come across with a situation worth remembering as the sweetest memory of your life because you don’t want to give up on that.
And hence, “Dark Sky” is one such example.

2.At what age did you start writing?

I was 34

3.Is this your first book?

Yes, as a professional author.

4.What is the story in ‘ Dark Sky’ about?

A love that was full of devotion and spread across 1000 miles between two individuals, but things are not rosy always.
Sometimes, the way you gave your all-out, another person might just be enjoying it as their favorite time pass. And then, the struggle for love and life begun.

5.Why did you name your book as ‘Dark Sky’?

Unknown of the outcome, the male character was going all out on the dark path, trying to find light somewhere which may give hope to win his love.

6.Which is your favorite character from this book?

Kabir, of course. The story revolves around him and his sacrifices till the end. The best part was he never gave up till the end, even after knowing that he already had lost everything.

7.What do you think is more important- the words used or the feelings?

Feelings. The most you are natural expressing them, the better you will feel within. Giving it a cover using sophisticated words, will always be half-hearted.

8.If a favorite character of your favorite book comes alive in front of you, what would you say?

Wow, that’s so me.

9.Is there a particular time of the day when you write your ideas? When?

No. I prefer to plan a vacation alone and drive myself to some hill station to work over my next story. And then, the whole day is mine.

10.Just like you are an inspiration to others, who is/are your inspiration?

Mr. Bhagat, since 2006. My first read was “2 States” and the way he used to express in the most natural yet simplistic way, inspired me to find my true self.

11.What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?

The official launch of my first book to this world. A beautiful feeling that I can ever explain. This was my dream since 2014.

12.They say, “Nobody can judge you, as much as you yourself can.” Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

At some hill station, again writing a new story for my lovely readers 🙂

13.What would you do if you weren’t into writing?

I am a Computer Engineer and I must be continuing with that only.

14.How do you react to the reviews that you get about your writing from your readers?

I primarily look for ratings which are 3 stars or below. It’s important for me, to know what I missed. You won’t find anything in 4 or 5 stars rating, that can help you grow.
4 or 5, is only for the readers to judge my book.

15.Which is your favorite fictional character?

Superman. I love that dress, wish I could wear that one day.

16.Who is your favorite author?

Ruskin Bond.

17.List any 3 books that you would recommend to our readers.

Sadly, I am not much into reading than writing. And I am monotonous towards few writers only. “The Room on the Roof”, “The Night Train at Deoli”, “Half Girlfriend”.

18.Is there one specific subject you would never write about? What would that be?


19.Which is your favorite genre? Why?

Always Fiction.

20.Which genre, according to you, is the most difficult to write?

I am not an expert to comment here on that. But I think, any sort of documentary which requires a lot of research.

21.Are you working on your next? What is it about?

The script is ready. It’s a complete imagination that I tried to bring this time. Spirituality is the subject.

22.What is your message to other budding poets/writers?

Writing is a depiction of self. So feel free to write anything.
Soon, you will start loving the way you write and that’s the point where you end up winning your heart. An ultimate satisfaction.
Never, think about readers when you write, but only think about your feeling, if it’s really scripted the way you feel it inside. And that’s it 😉

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