Shreya Dutta is an author of And It Happened : Because Every Moment Of Life Has It’s Reason

Here is how she answered our questions.

1.How does an idea come for a story to you?

There is a story hidden behind every face. You just have to look closely or you have to be a good listener. For me I just look around me searching for one. There are many things inspire me people, places even songs, games and movies. There is idea in everything. And sometimes it just comes at random. The key point is i just love to listen to my surrounding and the idea comes itself.

2.At what age did you start writing?

I can say I always was in love with writing the credit specially goes to all my english language teachers. But if you ask me what age I started to write I will say it was when I was twelve years old. And my first inspiration was Harry Potter. So I wrote my own version. That time I just wanted to create my own world filled with magic with my own creations.

3.Is this your first book?

No this is my second book. My first one is You are my heartbeat if you consider the published ones. I Do write on platform like wattpad so you can find my other books there.

4.What is the story in ‘And It Happened : Because Every Moment Of Life Has It’s Reason’ about?

In first look some would say it is a love story but there is more to it if you can see. It is not just a love story it is a struggle for a girl who had almost lost her every hope in her life and the boy who had loved her unconditionally in spite of having hidden skeletons in her closet. But it is not just about that. It is about our society and their still negative views about the crimes related to a women. So how a girl can cope when her family does not want to support in her fight? But as it said where there is will there is way and sometimes you just have to open your eyes and look the answer is just in front of you always.

5.Why did you name your book as ‘And It Happened : Because Every Moment Of Life Has It’s Reason’?

And It Happened. I chose this title for various reasons. First is life is only thing you cannot predict. It is something which is totally out of our control. We have a perfect illusion of being in control but we actually never in control. Secondly, there are moments in our lives happens which we cannot expect to happen. But life do go on and it is upon us how we can embrace the unfortunate events and stand up again even when everyone says we cannot. This is why I landed upon this title.

6.Which is your favorite character from this book?

There is only one who is my favorite in whole book is Daniel Xavier Hudson. The Mysterious and troubled character who fights for which he believes and who Loves without any expectation from anyone. He is definitely my favorite one.

7.What do you think is more important- the words used or the feelings?

I think feelings are most important not the word. There are many thing in this world which words cannot describes. Love is one of them. Sometimes the best thing in life can only be felt not said.

8.If a favorite character of your favorite book comes alive in front of you, what would you say?

I think I will ask him if he have a brother because he is already taken. I will just thank him for his bravery and courage and for never giving up on the things he believes in. Because he is truly a hero and world need people like him.

9.Is there a particular time of the day when you write your ideas? When?

I do not have a fix time for writing but yes I do love to write at night mostly. But it can be changed according to my mood. Basically when I figure out what should happen next I just write it or i note down any new ideas as soon as i get them in case i forget it later.

10.Just like you are an inspiration to others, who is/are your inspiration?

The most greatest inspiration for me is my mother and father. I am really inspired from them after so many years of marriage they still love each other the same. Apart from them my friends inspire me mostly but i will say if i look into author’s profiles it will always be J.K Rowling she had always inspired me never to give up.

11.What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment is that I have smile on someone’s face and my stories made someone happy.

12.They say, “Nobody can judge you, as much as you yourself can.” Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Ten years from now I see myself doing what I do best telling stories and making people smile and may be help make this world little better somehow.

13.What would you do if you weren’t into writing?

If I am not into writing I would been an avid reader and yes I think I will choose photography as my profession because I love to travel meet people discover the hidden paradise and capture the beauty around me.

14.How do you react to the reviews that you get about your writing from your readers?

Positive reviews always makes everyone happy, but people not always positive about your work, there is always be someone who will be better then you and as a writer i learned to accept that and respect my fellow author’s. I take the negative comments seriously because it is something that help me grow and make me realise my mistakes. So yes I love positive comments but I value criticism too.

15.Which is your favorite fictional character?

Jace Lightwood from the Cassandra Claire’s Mortal Instrument series.He is perfect in every sense. But he is a bit insecure and he is fiercely loyal to his family and friends.

16.Who is your favorite author?

I cannot name one but on my top list there are few Including J.K Rowling, Cecelia Ahern, Nicholas sparks, Cassandra Claire, John Green, Durjoy Datta, Ravinder Singh,Preeti Shenoy.

17.List any 3 books that you would recommend to our readers.

Till the last breath – Durjoy Datta
I too had a Love story – Ravinder Singh
The Fault in our stars – John Green

18.Is there one specific subject you would never write about? What would that be?

Self- help. I think I cannot write a book on this subject. Because there are too much which is need to be dealt with and I don’t think two persons actually have same thoughts so If I want to focus on this I need to know exactly what kind of person I want to target and if they will be going to get help with this.

19.Which is your favorite genre? Why?

I will say Fantasy. I love it because You can practically do anything there is no boundaries to the thing you can write about. And you can see the world from whole new eye, reimagine it fully. I mean how great it would be if there was actually Angels or Vampires existed. Maybe a tinkerbell will be helping us in change of seasons. This is totally up to you what you want to do with your imagination, and you can be anything you want to be.

20.Which genre, according to you, is the most difficult to write?

Teen fiction, where there is many possibilities in this genre there is also question upon what you can write which will be suitable for the teenagers. We need to focus on exactly what massage we want want to give through the book. And we need to watch about what is exactly appropriate and what they will enjoy because they tend to be very picky sometimes.

21.Are you working on your next? What is it about?

There are few works in progress, One is about a whole new world of witches and warlocks, called The Dark Knight: the Rising, Another word is my own harry potter world where the Harry potter will see the dark side it is called Wizards of Utopia: The beginnings and the last but not least the second book of the life series A Place Called Love (because Love is the language of life), It is about a very Interesting character of the current book One which is not loved by anyone but as they say not everyone is bad from the beginning so this is Anuj Khorana’s story and his journey of finding his own good girl.

22.What is your message to other budding poets/writers?

I will Just say to do what they believe in and to write what they love and Keep up the good work of telling nice tales to the world.

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