1.At what age did you start writing?

I started writing Poetry, Stories, etc since my school days, but, from the perspective of Published Writer – I started since 2012.

2.Is this your first book?

Yes, this is my First Book.

3.Why did you name your book as ‘MIRRRO?

That’s the secret of the Story which intrigues, and, it seems that majority of the readers also agree that it will be unfair to reveal.

4.Which is your favorite Character from this book?

 “INDIA” is my favorite character. But, loved MIRRRO as well.

5.What do you think is more important- the words used or the feelings?

For me righteous combination of both.

6.If a favorite character of your favorite book comes alive in front of you, what would you say?

Firstly I will kiss & have a tight hug with the character, then will say, “Welcome”

7.Is there a particular time of the day when you write your ideas? When?

No Time Schedule, no rules. Whenever, ideas comes into mind, I use to note it down in my memory.

8.Just like you are an inspiration to others, who is/are your inspiration?

My inspiration is not any particular writer…but, the Life in and around us, which influences to contribute in the form of writing.

9.What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?

Its my debut novel…so, Biggest accomplishment is yet to come.

10.They say, “Nobody can judge you, as much as you yourself can.” Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

As loved Best Seller Author

11.What would you do if you weren’t into writing?

This is my Debut Novel, post retirement after having long 31 years of doing jobs. So, it happened not by choice, but by unpredictabilities of Life.

12.How do you react to the reviews that you get about your writing from your readers? 

Still I haven’t reacted publicly, but, honestly feel that -.

Honest Good Reviews & Good Ratings, not only inspires you and feeds tons of moral boosting, but at the same time nurtures your Life Cycle as an author.

Whereas, Honest Critic Reviews & Bad Ratings, demotivate the entire existence of yours, and, accelerates the never ending self-struggle against the unacknowledged darker sides of yours, either you are weak at or you never aware of.

After all an author is also a human – who loves them who love him/her, but, innocently hesitant to love them who doesn’t love him/her.

13.What is your biggest fear?

To me, the authors/writers/poets are the only fearless creature left among the odds. Because more than DNA, soul matters to them.

Fearless writing is my biggest fear.

14.Which is your favorite fictional character?

My own fictional character – MIRRRO

15.Who is your favorite author?

One who can change the world for ever – still searching for…

16.List any 3 books that you would recommend to our readers.

“Geetanjali” by Rabindranath Tagore

“Ek Gadhe Ki AtmKatha” by Krishan Chander.

“THE HIDDEN LIFE OF TREES” by Peter Wohlleben

17.Is there one specific subject you would never write about? What would that be? 

I would never write about the so called adult or sexual content.

18.Which is your favorite genre? Why?

Fiction – because there is one belief that today’s fiction, may be tomorrow’s reality.

19.Which genre, according to you, is the most difficult to write? 

Non-Fiction….honest non-fiction

20.Are you working on your next? What is it about?

I am working on sequel of MIRRRO. And parallely two more stories of different genre. 

21.What is your message to other budding poets/writers?

First of all as MIRRRO being the first work, I feel that I don’t deserve for this. But, as asked traditionally – I would like to say that write from your heart, from your soul….because I feel that Stories/Poems can’t be fabricated, manufactured or produced…Stories/Poems flow from the heart….

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