The God Factor – For Success And Contentment By Nitin Srivastava

Nitin Srivastava is an engineer and is working at the post of Asst. Professor in an engineering college. After achieving that career he decided to fulfill his thrust and started writing.

Here is how he answered our questions.

1.How does an idea come for a story come to you?

I am not a story writer or story teller, rather, I am a philosopher. But, yes I use stories and real life incidents to elaborate my philosophy and that is the reason my reader feels connected to my philosophy.

2.At what age did you start writing?

The writing was always a hidden thirst within me. But, I didn’t get time before and I started writing at the age of thirty-six.

3.Is this your first book?

Yeah! The God Factor For Success And Contentment is my first book, but, till now I have written four books.

4.What is the story in ‘The God Factor – For Success and Contentment about?

It doesn’t contain a single story but, several short stories to help elaborate my philosophy and help motivate my reader.

5.Why did you name your book as ‘The God Factor – For Success and Contentment‘?

Yes! That is an interesting question to answer. It was difficult for me to decide a title. I was thinking about some of the successful persons of past and analyzing what factor other than their hard work made them different and then suddenly, the title, ‘The God Factor….’ came to my mind.

6.Which is your favorite character from this book?

As I already told you that there is not a single story but many. Out of them, I think the most impressive is the character of Ashoka the great, because, in the whole human history he was the only emperor who was able to learn from a bloodshed.

7.What do you think is more important- the words used or the feelings?

Definitely, the feelings. Feelings make you connected to your reader.

8.If a favorite character of your favorite book comes alive in front of you, what would you say?

I’ll say go back to the book, because, there could be no character like real life characters and a small book can’t elaborate anyone to make it real.

9.Is there a particular time of the day when you write your ideas? When?

I like to write late nights, because, that is the time I get for myself when the whole world felt asleep.

10.Just like you are an inspiration to others, who is your inspiration?

I think nobody. I go towards my Soul, towards my inner core for inspiration.

11.What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?

This is a difficult question for me as I lack materialistic approach. But yes as I am getting older, I am also getting calmer and you can say it my biggest accomplishment.

12.They say, “Nobody can judge you, as much as you yourself can.” Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I see myself as more mature and calm person.

13.What would you do if you weren’t into writing?

I am an engineer and that was what I would be doing.

14.How do you react to the reviews that you get about your writing from your readers?

The reviews encourage me and also make me aware of the flaws in my writing. I take them very seriously and definitely review tells you that reader has considered your book and bothered to review it.

15.Which is your favorite fictional character?

James Bond

16.Who is your favorite author?

My favorite is definitely none other than philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurthy.

17.Is there one specific subject you would never write about? What would that be?

Politics, it is scary.

18.Which is your favorite genre? Why?

Self-help is my favorite. Because it makes you powerful in your thinking and then you can find solutions by your own.

19.Which genre, according to you, is the most difficult to write?

Spirituality because it can’t be taught with the help of words.

20.Are you working on your next? What is it about?

Yes. It is again a philosophy book and talks about the biggest slavery of humans.

21.What is your message to other budding writers?

Keep writing with open-mindedness

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