Publisher Authors Ink Books
Language English
Pages 152
Year Published 2016



In a blink of an eye follows the group of five friends and their lives. How they set out to catch a serial killer and clear the smoke as they helplessly got entangled in the chaos. With a mbbs college backdrop it takes you through friendship, love, mystery, justice and social issues. This make it or break it scenario for the five some is what makes the book gripping.

Aditya Nighot came a long way from ‘U n Me its Complicated’ with this second book of his with regards to writing style, plot, character framing and sequencing incidents with coherence. He indeed did a remarkable job in bringing out a book which not only falls into romance genre but also focus on social issues and a message to ponder upon. The concept of incorporating the backdrop of mbbs college which he is very much familiar with is impressive and the idea of serial killer makes it intriguing. The characters are used well to bring out what is to be conveyed. It’s packed with everything to make it a good read.

The book reminded me of his first book in few places which I think the author is not yet out of that plot’s hangover. A few places made me feel it could have pulled out better than this.

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